Protection from Taxes


Are you concerned about paying too much tax in retirement? Our national debt is in the TRILLIONS. How are we going to pay for that? We think it will be by raising taxes in the future. 

Sure, there are Roth IRAs but what if your earned income is too high - you may not qualify. By properly using Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies and Indexed Annuities, we have solutions that allow for very large contributions to create TAX-FREE INCOME without the same limits and restrictions as Roth IRAs. Money is also available before the age of 59 1/2 without the IRS 10% penalty for early withdrawals and there are NO Required Minimum Distributions "RMDs." 

Protection from Market Loss


Are you tired of market losses and volatility in your retirement portfolio? Do you remember 1987 and "Black Monday?" Or 2000, 2001 and 2002? Everyone remembers 2008 when the S&P 500 lost 38.49%. Are you looking  for more safety, protection and guarantees? You've come to the right place. "Getting the best of both worlds" - safety - AND performance is our specialty. Our Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies and Inexed Annuities CAPTURE THE UPSIDE OF THE MARKET WITH NO DOWNSIDE RISK. Wouldn't it be neat if you could have ALL GAINS AND ZERO LOSSES? We broker exclusively through extremely strong "A" rated insurance and financial institutions and only use plans that GO UP WHEN THE MARKET GOES UP, BUT DON'T GO BACK DOWN WHEN THE MARKET DOES.

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Protecting IRAs and 401K Rollovers


Do you have a 401K from a previous employer that you need to roll into an IRA? Do you have IRAs that you need to consolidate? Are your retirement assets under performing? Are you looking for more safety, protection and guarantees? Do you need guidance and strategies on income planning  so that you can finally enjoy what you've been looking forward to? Consider using us to roll your 401K or transfer your IRA, with no taxable event into an IRA funded with a fixed or fixed Indexed Annuity. We have options and solutions! 

Protect Your Cash Flow - Protect Your Retirement Contributions from a Disability if you can't work


If you are still in your working years and currently saving and contributing to your retirement plan, your #1 single most critically important financial planning step, should be to protect your cash flow, your income, your ability to earn an income, your greatest asset from a disability - if you get sick or hurt and cannot work. Ironically, while the most important, this critical step is often glazed over or overlooked entirely by both consumers and financial advisers and planners alike. Simply having a little disability through work is not enough. Group plans should be supplemented with private planning, individual policies to truly cover your income, not only for current expenses like the mortgage or rent, food, groceries and utilities, but also for your retirement contributions. Quality plans with top A-rated companies do exist to do this and can even provide tax-free distributions in retirement, while capturing the upside of the market, but with guaranteed downside protection. With modern medical technology, your odds of them saving you and getting disabled are MUCH higher than dying prematurely. Protect your risks in the ORDER that they come. Disability should come before life insurance. No one dies first, then becomes disabled. 

Protection from Longevity Guaranteed Income for Life


What is the #1 concern of people who are retiring? RUNNING OUT OF MONEY. And it's no wonder. With medical technology constantly improving, people are living longer and longer. Will your savings last as long as you do? Have you factored in inflation also? Have you factored in age 70 1/2 and your required mandatory distributions, or "RMDs?" Will these deplete your savings faster than you thought? Annuities can provide a "Personal Pension," a GUARANTEED INCOME FOR LIFE that lasts FOREVER, no matter long you live. Rest easy, sleep well, knowing you have a guaranteed check, each month.  

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Protection from Inflation


Are you concerned about the effects of inflation on your retirement savings? Is the cost of a gallon of as or milk the same as it was 20 years ago? Hardly, right? With people living longer and longer, your retirement money will have to keep up. At 4% inflation, you will need twice the spending power to buy the same thing in 18 years. Use the "Rule of 72" to see how this works: Take 72 and divide it by the rate of inflation to see how long it will take for something to be double in price. (72 / 4 = 18). Pretty sobering, isn't it? We can show you ways to offset inflation. 


Indexed Plans - All Gains, ZERO Losses.

Our plans go up when the market goes up - but don't go back down when the market does!

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