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Sean Cresap, Founder, President of Cresap Orthotics and Prosthetics, LLC


As the owner of Cresap Orthotics & Prosthetics in Wenatchee WA, I would like to provide Todd Radwick, my financial advisor, with my highest recommendation. I have been his client for about 22 years.
Todd has done a fantastic job helping me to plan for my financial security and his expertise in retirement planning, life insurance, and disability income protection has been invaluable. 

Despite all the market downturns and volatility, with Todd's recommendations, I have always made competitive returns in my savings and retirement accounts - and have never lost a cent! 

Todd has really taken the time to understand my goals and concerns and has educated me on significant risks that could have derailed my vision for the future. He has partnered with me to create customized solutions so my family will be able to maintain their lifestyle, our goals for retirement will be reached, and my business will prosper. 

While I understand everyone’s situation is unique, I believe you will benefit from Todd’s 23 years of financial experience and expertise. If you are looking to work with a true professional, I suggest you call Todd and set up a time to talk.

Warm Regards

Sean D. Cresap, C.P.O.
Cresap Orthotics and Prosthetics
630 N. Chelan Ave, Suite A5, Wenatchee WA 98801
Office 509-663-2490
Cell 509-679-5623

Alan Sheppard, CPO, Partner, Alliance Orthotics & Prosthetics, Gainesville, TX


Todd helped us to understand the language and options that were available in disability coverage. We now have the peace of mind knowing we are covered in case we need it, and in our business, we know things DO happen!  I highly recommend his services.
Alan Sheppard, CPO
Alliance Orthotics & Prosthetics LLC
800 East California Street, Suite 1
Gainesville, TX 76240
Office 940-668-1118   

Bob Mathison, Mathison Orchards, Inc.


Everyone knows that we need to plan for our financial security in our retirement. Yet, our day to day demands often keep us so busy, that we continue to put off planning for the future year after year because we don't have the time to really access our needs and research our options. 

It is essential that I work with someone who understands my goals and is willing to do the "leg-work" to find the options most suitable for reaching those goals. This is where I find Todd to be extremely helpful. He is very knowledgeable, presents me with several choices, offers clear explanations, and has helped me to form a personalized plan for my financial future. 

I highly recommend Todd to you, if you also are looking for someone who will give your financial planning and goals his personalized attention and service. 


Bob Mathison
Bob Mathison Orchards Inc. 

Stemilt Growers
2932 McEldowney Road

Malaga, WA 98828
HP 509-663-1809

Cell 509-669-0968

James Bailey, retired Wenatchee High School History Teacher


For a number of years I have been concerned with the fact that when I retire, I will have to take a reduced pension in order to insure that my wife would continue to collect my Washington State Pension, should I proceed her in death. Fortunately, Todd Radwick was able to demonstrate to us in a very clear and graphic way how I could take my full pension at retirement, provide for my wife, and accumulate a substantial savings fund as well. 

Todd is knowledgeable about the programs he offers, and is patient to make sure we understood the financial concepts of the program we were using to achieve our goals. 

If you have the need to take full advantage of your pension program, I would highly recommend Todd as someone who can be of great service to you as you plan for retirement. 


Jim Bailey
844 Kittitas
Wenatchee WA 98801
HP 509-662-2751

Cell 509-570-0724

Jackie Goble, Retired


I so appreciate Todd Radwick and his professional service because he did exactly as I asked. As a recent widow, I was completely lost when it came to how to handle some extra monies that I had earned while selling real estate.  I told Todd, "Just treat me as you would treat your own mother."  And he has. And, there have been times that he has gone to bat for me when there was no reward for himself. Another trait that I really admire in Todd is that he keeps in contact on a regular basis.  He is one of the good guys and I feel fortunate that our paths crossed when they did. 


Jackie Goble

8386 W. Galactic Court
Boise, Idaho 83709

Cell 509-449-5405

Barry Crose, Regional Rep, Ducks Unlimited

 During these financially hard times you need to have a Financial Representative that you can trust and have confidence in.The Radwick Financial Group certainly fits those needs in Central Washington. Todd has been in partnership with me for over 10 years, helping me.Although I have moved out of the area, he has continued to serve me.Todd is diligent to and truly dedicated to his clients and his profession. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs excellent service.  Take the few minutes of time that is takes to meet with Todd. It worked out great for me. 


Barry L. Crose
Ducks Unlimited Regional Director
Utah and SE Idaho
WP 801-309-5585 

Kevin Newport, Omak WA

We have always found it hard to find "dependable" and "trustworthy" people in life. When you throw in the traits of knowledge, experience and genuine concern for ones clients then you have just described Todd Radwick at "Radwick Financial Group LLC. We have worked with you Todd for over ten years and have been pleased with the service. You have always been there for us by always showing an honest concern for any of our questions, concerns or needs. Keep up your wonderful attention to detail and timeliness. You're a great consultant who has the knowledge for those you serve whatever their needs might be.

Kevin and Crystal Newport
Omak,  WA
Cell 509-322-3019 

Robert Talbott, Springfield, OR

I have been retired since 2004 and have watched my retirement IRA go up and mostly down over the past few years, resulting in many sleepless nights. It was time for me to reevaluate my current investment portfolio and look for a safer plan than I currently had. I have dealt with several financial advisors over the years. I went on line and found Radwick Financial Group LLC and met Todd via the internet. This was my first internet business transaction and I must admit I was somewhat leery of doing business over the internet. Over the course of several months and emails and phone conversations with Todd, I became very comfortable with Todd as we discussed various financial options available. We found a plan that fit my financial needs, and all I had to do was select the option(s) under the plan. Todd went over each option in detail and answered all questions asked. Todd made my first on line business experience a very relaxing and comfortable (in home) experience. 

Thank you Todd.

Robert D. Talbott
3355 N. Delta Hwy, #134

Eugene, OR 95665

Darrell Gouldin, former Project Manager, Rocky Reach Hydroelectric Dam


My personal experience with Todd Radwick was, and continues to be, a positive relationship. Todd is very knowledgeable in his profession and was of great help to me in deciding which financial plan best suited my situation. I would recommend and encourage Todd's services to anyone who is in need of financial planning. 


Darrell Gouldin
Former Project Manager, Rocky Reach Dam
PO Box 262
Monitor, WA 98836
Cell 509-669-3724

Carlos Perez, Restaurateur and owner of Carlos 1800, Winthrop WA


Todd is a terrific master of insurance. Listen to Todd. He has added a great value to my business and my ability to make crucial decisions and has had a profound effect on my bottom line!

Thank you Mr. Radwick

Carlos Perez
Restaurateur and owner of Carlos 1800

#1 Mexican Grill & Cantina
149 Riverside Ave, P.O BOX 751
Winthrop, WA 98862
WP 509-996-2245

Cell 206-445-3299

Crystal Newport, Omak WA

If you are looking for someone to take care of your life insurance needs Todd Radwick is the one. My husband and I have been with Todd for 15 plus years. Todd will work with you to find the best policy that fits your financial situation. 

Thank you Todd!

Crystal Newport
Omak, WA
Cell 509-422-9940 

Byron Moore, Moore Law Firm, Wenatchee WA


Hi, I'm Byron Moore, I'm an attorney here in Wenatchee, WA and I work in the area of wills, trusts, estate planning and probate along with real estate and I highly recommend Todd for your disability insurance needs; he provides products that other insurance carriers do not and he will really go the extra mile to find the right fit for your needs. 

Byron Moore
Moore Law Firm
1114 N. Mission
Wenatchee, WA 98801
WP 509-293-9867

Cell 602-908-6744

Brock Falconer, VP DI Sales, Illinois Mutual Life

Todd is a huge proponent for Individual Disability Insurance, and is continuing the ask the crucial question, "what would you rely upon to pay your bills and expenses should you lose the ability to collect a paycheck". 

Brock Falconer - VP Sales
Illinois Mutual
300 SW Adams Street
Peoria, IL 61634
Office 800-437-7355 597
Cell 309-256-8940 

Brett Coffman, President, Tydoga Inc.


As a good friend, since our college days, I really appreciate your perseverance and continual reminders for guiding our family, and my companies, down the proper paths, with what is a true factual need and requirement in all Americans lives. The continued education and information you supply and serve us with has been a great benefit to my family and my businesses. The programs and systems that you have initiated and instilled in our strategic plans has been irreplaceable! The speed and top rated efficiency of your actions producing all needed information, such as, paperwork, meetings, and deadlines has been wonderful.  As you know I am busier than most and sometimes slow to act. 

As you and I have discussed in our business meetings, the one thing that is a guarantee, (WE ALL SHALL PASS)!  That being said, I can say for anyone contemplating the need of your services, “contemplate no more”.  The math is simple! We as Americans just need to make better decisions for our future generations….Most countries in the world do not get this great opportunity and we should not lose such a gift. Todd, thanks for supplying the gift of peace of mind. 

Again, I thank you for setting all our priorities and showing such a superb class act example on how to live and serve others. We, with all our hearts, thank you and wish the best for all your endeavors.“Keep serving and guiding Americans to a better way of life. Be the Change”  

Brett Coffman
President, Tydoga
23515 NE Novelty Hill Road, Suite B221 PMB 269
Redmond, WA 98053
Cell 206 730-9400 

Justin Curtis, Health Care Consultant, Stanwood WA


I invite my friends to chat with a Todd Radwick here of Radwick Financial Group. Todd just hooked me up with a lump sum disability policy that will pay me $100k lump sum after 30 days of total disability for $40/mo (beer money). No medical exam, no blood tests, just a quick application and you are protected. Realizing as I get older I'm not invincible. How long could you go without your income? Also consider other, safer and more productive investments than your 401k...Todd has them. Good guy, good principles, former police officer. You can trust him.

Justin Curtis

Health Care Consultant

​5528 226th Street NW

Stanwood, WA​ 98292

Cell 206-850-9291

Aaron and Angela Roth, Super Bait Fishing Lures

Todd Radwick is very dedicated to his clients and put on the best presentation we've seen in 20 years. He works extremely hard to make certain that you understand all your different options and how to find the one that best suits your needs. We will be recommending him to anyone looking for a retirement or life insurance plan from now on! Thank You Todd for all your hard work and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Aaron and Angela Roth

Owners - Super Bait Fishing Lures

​721 Okanogan Ave.
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Aaron 509-679-8728

Angela 509-679-5635


John and Tracy Keen, owners of Mid Valley Fitness, Cashmere WA


​As a business owner, time is tight and worries are many. Our experience with Todd Radwick at least eased our worries about retirement planning. Todd is very knowledgeable in his profession and took all the time "we" needed to explain our options to us. I would recommend and encourage Todd's services to anyone who is in need of financial planning. 

John and Tracy Keen

Mid Valley Fitness, Inc.

205 A. Mission Ave.

​Cashmere, WA 98815


Alethea Sabia


I would like to offer my recommendation for Todd Radwick. Todd takes the time necessary to explain what is best for protecting your personal assets. Todd meets you where you are at in life, sharing what you need, in a friendly, trustworthy manner. With patience and a positive nature, Todd shares his experience working with others to help you understand what protection works best for you. Listen to Todd's forthright advice and you too can feel protected. Thanks to Todd, I have proactively mitigated the risks of life. 

Alethea Sabia

4014 SW Condor Ave.
Portland, OR 97239
Cell 503-349-4770

Dr. B. Michael Southam, Black Rock Vision Center, Reno, NV

Todd Radwick is the consummate financial professional. He has greatly helped me in my financial endeavors. I believe that his financial acumen and expertise are unmatched. Moreover, even after I had left the State of Washington I was still able to do business with Todd very easily as he maximizes the utilization of the latest office/internet technology. I highly recommend Todd to anyone who is in need of a sound financial maven. 

Dr. B. Michael Southam
Black Rock Vision Center
3201 Lakeside Drive
Reno, NV 89509

Office 775-825-0559
Cell 520-576-7558

Doug Ingram, Retired General Manager, Manson Growers, East Wenatchee Washington


We came to know Todd through our New York Life policy some years ago.  Since then we have taken out an annuity with Jackson Life Insurance. The fund was started in late 2008 and through the down market of 2009 (The S&P 500 dropped 38.49%) we did not make any progress on the account but as well we did not lose anything at all either. In 2010 we managed a 9.8 percent increase in the fund so we are quite pleased with that. In fact, from inception to present we have received an average annualized return of 10% every year without a single loss! So far so good.  Keep up the good work Todd.

Doug Ingram
Manson Growers Manager, (Retired)
3237 NW Evergreen Court
East Wenatchee, WA 98802
Cell (509) 470-1914 

Janet Verkuyl, Retired, Winthrop, WA

Dear Todd,

I am writing to thank you for your insurance visit to our home on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014.You showed complete, intelligent, caring, and positive information, making it clear for our understanding. You an honest and well-informed insurance representative, and a good LISTENER. You suggested many ways the insurance could work in our lives, SO: I will certainly share Todd, Radwick Insurance Group, with all the folks I meet who have insurance needs. I am grateful to have had this opportunity for this learning in my life. 


Janet Verkuyl
P.O. Box 296
Winthrop WA 98862
HP 509-996-3522 

Patrick Mulcahy - President, International Markets at World Actisor USA, Inc.

I am most impressed with Todd as he advised me on Life Insurance and Long Term Health. His recommendations were based on his experience of more than two decades. He went outside the box and demonstrated how to make insurance into a money maker, while still being protected. He is entrepreneurial in nature and most easy to work with. He seemed take the time and patience with me as if I was his best friend. I highly recommend him and his services. 

Patrick Mulcahy - President, International Markets at World Actisor USA, Inc.
3138 Madeira Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
WP 714-424-9999
Cell 714-264-9876 

Eric Breidenbach, President, Co-Owner, Bridgeview Brokers, Inc., Bellevue WA

Todd is a very client focused advisor who is highly responsive with effective solutions that are well tailored to the needs being addressed.

Eric Breidenbach, President and Co-Owners at

Bridgeview Brokers, Inc.
14205 SE 36th Street - Suite100
Bellevue, WA 98006
WP 425-649-1186
Cell 425-941-6768

Scott Blankenship, CLU, LUTCF, Regional Manager - NW Disability Brokerage at NW Disability Center

Todd is a passionate advocate for his clients with a strong emphasis on helping them protect their greatest asset which is their future earnings potential. A lot of advisors want to skip steps to get to other things, but Todd realizes how critical it is having these basics covered before clients can comfortably move to other needs and desires. 

Scott Blankenship, CLU, LUTCF, Regional Manager - NW Disability Brokerage at NW Disability Center
5200 Southcenter Blvd., #290
Seattle, WA 98188
WP 866-863-3334
Cell 206-295-4725 

Victoria Kohein, Principal Broker, Fairstone Properties, Lake Oswego, OR

Todd has been great financial advisor and provider of insurances and has become trusted friend. 

Victoria Kohein, Principal Broker at Fairstone Properties
5200 SW Meadows Road, Suite 150
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
WP 503-697-3807
Cell 808-430-7690 

Bob Herum, Second Vice President, Disability Sales, Ameritas Life Insurance Company, Cincinnati, OH

Extremely knowledgeable and continues to build his expertise throughout his career. Top flight agent and person. 

Bob Herum, Second Vice President, Disability Sales, Ameritas Life Insurance Company
1876 Waycross Road
Cincinnati, OH 45240
WP  513-595-2194

Cell 503-970-5648

Mark Palmer, C.M.W., Mark Palmer Group, Absolute Mortgage, Mill Creek WA

Consistent in his approach regardless of the size of the transaction; service, knowledge, stays within the products and processes that he is highly competitive in. 

Mark Palmer, C.M.W. at Mark Palmer Group with Absolute Mortgage
15418 Main Street, Suite 302
Mill Creek, WA 98037
Cell 206-972-3820 

Peter Busacca, WA Biz Brokers, Issaquah WA

I have known Todd for about four years now. Todd is a diligent and knowledgeable financial advisor who serves eastern Washington enthusiastically. I admire Todd’s integrity, attention to detail and consistent follow-up. 

Peter Busacca, WA Biz Brokers
PO Box 2208
Issaquah, WA 98027
WP 425-391-8720 

Kathleen Dalzell, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, First Bank - HECM Division

Todd Radwick is a true professional. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy and offers his clients exceptional customer service. Highly recommended! 

Kathleen Dalzell, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, First Bank - HECM Division
501 North El Camino Real, #200
San Clamente, CA 92672
WP 949-899-3191 

Roxanne Conklin, Retired, Senior Case Coordinator, Ameritas Life

In my 35 thirty years as an administrative assistant in the insurance industry, I have rarely had the privilege to work with someone as passionate about his profession as a Financial Planner/Advisor  as Todd Radwick. He is extremely knowledgeable, and always puts his clients’ needs first and foremost. Excellent customer service is crucial in any business and without it, you can lose clients very quickly. Todd will never have to worry about this problem. If you are looking for someone who can guide you in the ever increasingly difficult financial planning arena, and who will provide excellent service, I highly recommend Todd Radwick. 

Roxanne Conklin 

Ameritas Senior Case Coordinator 
Cell 425-691-7517

Thomas Doncaster, CLU, CWM, RFC, Doncaster Insurance and Financial Services Inc., Kennewick WA

Todd is an objectives and goals oriented individual that cares about people and delivers on what he promises to do. 

Thomas Doncaster, CLU, CWM, RFC, Doncaster Insurance and Financial Services Inc.
1020 N. Center Parkway, Suite C
Kennewick, WA 99336
WP 509-735-9518 

Matthew Santi, General Manager, JC Penney Company

Todd is an awesome financial adviser. He really worked with me and is very patient. I was putting off getting disability insurance for financial reasons. He spent a great deal of time with me letting me know what my options were and what would be considered essential for coverage versus nice to haves but not necessary.

I really appreciated his time. Todd is a great teacher and educator. I never felt rushed at all during this process. Getting disability insurance at the ripe age of 30 seemed like an afterthought. He had lots of good reading material as well that fully helped me understand why private disability insurance is a great option to invest in beyond what any employer would potentially cover. 

Matthew Santi
7323 58th Street Court W., Apt. #202
University Heights, WA 98467

Cell 425-308-0353

John Tamburello, Retired

It's very rare, in today's world, that you can find someone trustworthy and ethical. Always doing what's best for his clients instead of what's best for his bank account. 

Always with quality life and disability Insurance and when it comes to making my savings and retirement work for me, he has done nothing but get me a fair and good return on my money while always protecting my principal and with minimal taxes. He's even got one financial vehicle that not only avoids probate in case of death but gives me a tax free income while living and a tax free death benefit to my beneficiary. I trust this man and this man only. 

John Tamburello
6842 Paula Drive
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
Cell 216-898-5784 

Gregg Mumper, Aptus Marketing, Lewis Center, OH

Todd has been a joy to work with on my finances. He always keeps my goals in mind and presents financial products and solutions tailored to my goals. He is helping me accomplish more than I ever could have on my own. 

Gregg Mumper
Aptus Marketing
639 Carle Ave.
Lewis Center, OH 43035
Office 877-614-9090, Ext. #228 

Mark and Nancy Spurgeon, Retired, East Wenatchee WA

Todd has gone out of way to make sure my wife and I have the best coverage for our life insurance, long term disability insurance, and retirement needs. We always trust Todd to have our best interests in mind. 

Mark and Nancy Spurgeon
2012 Autumn Drive
East Wenatchee, WA 98802
HP 509-884-9606
Cell 509-679-8656 

Janie Sacco, VP/SBA Relationship Manager, Kitsap Bank, Bellevue WA

Dear Todd,

​Thank you for the outstanding work on placing  disability and life insurance policies for our mutual clients. Our clients were very happy with the ease of the application process and rapid response time. Since both policies were needed for the US Small Business Administration Loan we funded, the timely assignment for both policies was appreciated as well.

Your articles on disability insurance are also appreciated as an educational handout at the financial education classes I teach throughout the year.

I look forward to working with you in the future on disability and life insurance policy needs.


Janie Sacco

VP/SBA Relationship Manger, Kitsap Bank

11711 SE. 8th Street, Suite 310

​Bellevue, WA 98005

Office 425-455-0937

Cell 206-300-3863

Keith and Carla, Retired, Chelan County PUD, Wenatchee WA

Dear Todd,

Your sage advice years ago, has put us in a position to fully access the benefits of our state pension and will allow us to live comfortably and still protect our interests for financial security well into the future. Thanks for the great presentation and just being a stand-up guy overall.

Keith and Carla Trustcott 

1198 Cranmer Drive, #5

​Wenatchee, WA 98801

​Cell 509-669-7259

Paul Schiedler, President, TJ Telemarketing, Springfield OR

I've worked with Todd over the years and have always had a positive experience. I've had enough talks with Todd to know he has a deep product knowledge and takes the time to solve even complex insurance needs. I highly recommend Radwick Financial Group LLC for Disability Income Protection and Life Insurance. 

Paul Schiedler

TJ Telemarketing

547 W. Centennial Blvd.

Springfield, OR 97477

​Office 888-802-6998

Michael Hamilton, Owner, Pillar to Post Home Inspections, Wenatchee WA

Todd is a great person to work with. He was very thorough in explaining the types of coverage I could get to protect my income. As a small business owner I found Todd's advice and care to be invaluable.

Michael Hamilton

Pillar to Post Home Inspections 

812 Idaho Street

​Wenatchee, WA 98801

Cell 509-393-0011

Carlo Narduzzi, Insurance Professional, Basin Pacific Insurance, East Wenatchee, WA

As an insurance professional, I'm aware that our industry does not have the most stellar reputation. That's why when it comes to referring my clients to a financial specialist, I'm very cautious. Todd Radwick is the one professional I trust to provide solutions to my clients' financial, disability and life insurance needs. Anyone can have knowledge, experience or products to offer. Todd certainly stands out in those areas. However, what really matters is Todd's focus. He's all about making a positive difference for the client. To do this, Todd puts the client's best interests first and makes only the most appropriate recommendations. In a sea full of sharks circling around your money, Todd and his financial services are a welcome ally.

Carlo Narduzzi

Insurance Professional - Basin Pacific Insurance

230 Grant Road

​East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Office, 509-470-6000

Cell, 661-303-6281

Dennis Fairbanks, Lead Auto Technician, Ressler Motors, Bozeman MT


When Todd first came around talking about disability, I was somewhat skeptical; however, five hours later, and after many, many questions, I was satisfied and took a chance by purchasing some disability insurance. Six months later, I was trail riding on a trail I've been on at least ten times and fell, resulting in dislocating my arm and tearing my shoulder. When I was told I needed surgery and was told I would be out of work for a minimum of three months, I promptly told the doctor "no way" and went back to work. It did not take very long for me to realize I was wrong and the doctor was right. Panic set in- out of thin air Todd called me just to touch base and reminded me that I have coverage for such an event. As I write this, while sitting down and recovering, doing exactly what the doctor and the PT have told me to do, I thank God my mortgage and other bills are paid off! This event will be shaping my thought process in the future, AKA how I will safeguard my income!

Thanks Todd.

Dennis Fairbanks

PO Box 1101

Manhattan, MT 59741

Cell, 406-599-8513 

Jerry Plumb, High-End Autobody Technician, Montesano WA

I've known Todd for years and he has always explained things clearly to me and gently prodded me along my insurance needed path. I state it this way because I'm a hard case, I procrastinate, and over think the things i do. With his knowledge he has moved me in the right direction for my family, back from years ago when i had small children to now when I have a mostly empty home. Through all those years we've been friends as well, talking about many subjects, his genuine  care for my family and me as a friend and a financial advisor has always been an asset to me. Give him a call and set up a time to talk or have a presentation, you cant go wrong. 

Jerry Plumb

520 S. 6th Street

Montesano, WA 98563